Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sock Dreams Microfiber Chenille Arm Warmers Review

Sock Dreams is an online sock store that RULES!  Instead of socks being an afterthought, such as in a clothing store, socks are the main product they carry. Tons of them!  

They are so successful they also have a storefront in Portland, Oregon.

Sock Dreams also carries accessories like leg warmers and gloves.  I love being able to compare brands side by side. Being warm -- even in the work place -- is serious business in Colorado in the winter.

I have 4 sets of cotton blend stockings from the store and they have lasted two winters so far. Couldn't be comfy without them.

I have their Microfiber Chenille Arm Warmers in black by Foot Traffic label.  They did shed the first 4 hand washings or so but stayed nicely intact for last two winters. SWEETLY SOFT!

Best part is that you can pull these gloves over your fingers when needed.  (Am I the only one with frozen fingers when using a computer mouse? The blood must drain out of the hand when curved around the mouse!)

Since they are officially arm warmers and don't have fingers (except for a separate thumb section), you can pull them back up to the wrist when washing hands.  I wash hands about belleventeen times a day and not getting my gloves soapy is a huge plus for me.

Just ordered the plum color arm warmers (photo above) to keep at home for home office work. Will use the black ones at day job.  They look so pretty in plum!  Can't wait until they arrive!

Shipping is included in the price. That lets you can buy as little or many as you like at a time.

They have a twitter account that is fun to follow and mentions rare sale promo codes for Sock Dreams.

And their online blog always has GREAT PHOTOS!

Photos by Sock Dreams and used by permission.

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