Sunday, December 3, 2006

Eric McFadden Trio - Heavy Rock

Eric McFadden Trio - Heavy Rock
Disclaimer: my younger bro, Paulo, is the drummer for this band when schedule permits.

Un-disclaimer: I'm so picky about music that if it sucked there was no way I'd recommend it, regardless of a family connection. Plus my bro kicks total arse drumming. He and Eric go back more than ten years. There is amazing chemistry between the 3 players, and the gals will love all guys, especially the stand up bass player James Whiton.

Eric McFadden Trio
ok, you won't believe a 3 piece band can sound melodic heavy metal with acoustic guitar, stand up bass, and drums.
See for yourself! This page holds a huge video file but it is soooooo worth the time. THEY ARE ON FIRE! Love this song, "Put it Down."


Eric McFadden's CD "Devil Moon" is my fav of his solo work.

That reminds me, I've got to pick up the new CD "Joy of Suffering". "Put it Down" - the song on the video -is on this new CD. I was going to buy it at a show but we missed the Boulder show and then I forgot.
Eric McFadden Trio (EMT) has an amazing live show, even with the other fine drummer. Invited my jam-band loving friend to see them when Paulo toured with them. My friend now sees every band Eric is part of, including a Wally Ingram project and Stockholme Syndrome. (And every band my bro is part of, for that matter.) Those San Francisco bands really tour and deliver!