Saturday, January 30, 2010

FiberOne Yogurt really does taste yummy!

Fiber One Yogurt
Very Tasty.  I make my own yogurt and am very picky about this stuff.  I wouldn't call the Fiber One brand healthy or yogurt. but it was a surprisingly delicious SNACK.

A big radio promotion was going on in a mall and a free Key Lime Fiber One yogurt was handed to me.
I expected to take a taste and roll my eyes with the taste of disgusting over-sweetness.
Instead, the yogurt tasted smooth and creamy with a rich key lime pie-filling taste. I scraped out every corner of the container & wanted to go back for another free one!

I only shop for totally organic foods so won't be buying it.
Some of the ingredients are quite good, such as chicory root and real fruit and not high in carbs.  But I don't agree with the rest of the additives.

As for fiber, only one container wasn't enough to tell a difference. I take a health food fiber supplement anyway.
It is VERY true that there is no way to taste any fiber in the yogurt. I could see it helping someone make healthier snack choices.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Vitacost online vitamins and healthy food staples

My second order from arrived yesterday.
It made good time (5 days as promised) & the packing of 25 items was excellent.  Finding items was easy on the website and the cart saved my slowly growing order for weeks and didn't dump it.

I've ordered supplements from another company for 9 years and am still very happy with them, but they don't carry a dried goats milk staple I really need and can't find easily in town.   So when I saw Vitacost carried it, I ordered 5 containers.

I looked to see what else I could order to make the flat rate shipping cost worth the expense. I was suprised to see they had just about everything on my list and for the same price as the other company.

They also had more staples that are much needed to keep my blood sugar level.  I easily found cashew butter and great unflavored whey powder and yogurt starter, elderberry concentrate and oats. Also soap and deodorant. I felt pleasantly surprised.

The reviews by customers made choosing a brand easy. Now that I've tasted the food I agree with their opinions.

I only eat less than healthy when the home cupboard is bare.  I can't digest wheat so being able to stock up on spelt flour products is key. Food must be on hand on a moments notice or I don't have the energy to prepare them.   Ordering food staples on their website -- and really good quality ones at that -- will make my life much easier.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Uniform Project

I love this site called The Uniform Project showing it's not that hard to be creative and still live simply with one dress for a year.

A Message From The Kids from The Uniform Project on Vimeo.

The funds raised from this project go to the Akanksha Foundation for the education of underprivileged children in India. 

Month of January Gallery            
Month of September Gallery

This site is addictive!  Follow Sheena and the crew on Twitter.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Beads & Botanicals Sugar Scrubs

I'm in love! Sugar scrubs are something I've never tried before and truly thought they were just a fun novelty. Sure they looks scrumptious and smell delicious, but are they worth a spot in my tiny budget?


The expectation was to love 'em but be able to leave 'em.  But definitely don't want to go without these. Also, they don't melt away in seconds, which was the other expectation. One square has lasted 3 baths so far and there is more than half left.  It must be noted that these are used much more than needed because they feel and smell so good.  My first thought was that I wouldn't share with hubby because I couldn't afford to get more if they were used up in a week.  Well, now I've offered him some because I know he'll love it too and when there feels like a long-lasting supply one doesn't feel stingy anymore.

January days are really grey here and these bright colors and fruit smells give me a lift.

The exfoliation is OUTSTANDING! The sugar scrub is gentle and really effective.  Talk about squeaky clean!

Ingredients include Sugar, Grapeseed Oil and Essential Oils.


A new catalog is being printed! Stay tuned for more info.

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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sock Dreams Microfiber Chenille Arm Warmers Review

Sock Dreams is an online sock store that RULES!  Instead of socks being an afterthought, such as in a clothing store, socks are the main product they carry. Tons of them!  

They are so successful they also have a storefront in Portland, Oregon.

Sock Dreams also carries accessories like leg warmers and gloves.  I love being able to compare brands side by side. Being warm -- even in the work place -- is serious business in Colorado in the winter.

I have 4 sets of cotton blend stockings from the store and they have lasted two winters so far. Couldn't be comfy without them.

I have their Microfiber Chenille Arm Warmers in black by Foot Traffic label.  They did shed the first 4 hand washings or so but stayed nicely intact for last two winters. SWEETLY SOFT!

Best part is that you can pull these gloves over your fingers when needed.  (Am I the only one with frozen fingers when using a computer mouse? The blood must drain out of the hand when curved around the mouse!)

Since they are officially arm warmers and don't have fingers (except for a separate thumb section), you can pull them back up to the wrist when washing hands.  I wash hands about belleventeen times a day and not getting my gloves soapy is a huge plus for me.

Just ordered the plum color arm warmers (photo above) to keep at home for home office work. Will use the black ones at day job.  They look so pretty in plum!  Can't wait until they arrive!

Shipping is included in the price. That lets you can buy as little or many as you like at a time.

They have a twitter account that is fun to follow and mentions rare sale promo codes for Sock Dreams.

And their online blog always has GREAT PHOTOS!

Photos by Sock Dreams and used by permission.