Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Vitacost online vitamins and healthy food staples

My second order from arrived yesterday.
It made good time (5 days as promised) & the packing of 25 items was excellent.  Finding items was easy on the website and the cart saved my slowly growing order for weeks and didn't dump it.

I've ordered supplements from another company for 9 years and am still very happy with them, but they don't carry a dried goats milk staple I really need and can't find easily in town.   So when I saw Vitacost carried it, I ordered 5 containers.

I looked to see what else I could order to make the flat rate shipping cost worth the expense. I was suprised to see they had just about everything on my list and for the same price as the other company.

They also had more staples that are much needed to keep my blood sugar level.  I easily found cashew butter and great unflavored whey powder and yogurt starter, elderberry concentrate and oats. Also soap and deodorant. I felt pleasantly surprised.

The reviews by customers made choosing a brand easy. Now that I've tasted the food I agree with their opinions.

I only eat less than healthy when the home cupboard is bare.  I can't digest wheat so being able to stock up on spelt flour products is key. Food must be on hand on a moments notice or I don't have the energy to prepare them.   Ordering food staples on their website -- and really good quality ones at that -- will make my life much easier.

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