Tuesday, January 10, 2012

AMTRAK TRAIN SERIES -- Colorado, California, Oregon

Table of Contents: Train Articles

Chapter 1
VIDEO: California Zephyr & Coast Starlight
    California Zephyr #5
        Video Footage of Colorado Rockies
    Coast Starlight #14
        Video Footage of Oregon Cascade Mountains
    California Zephyr #6
        Video Footage of Sacramento, California to Denver, Colorado
Press Play! You'll love my TRAIN VIDEO!
Music: Melissa's Waiting by Violet Edge

Chapter 2
COLORADO -- California Zephyr #5 heading West
    Photos: Colorado Rockies
    Photos: Following the Colorado River

Chapter 3
OREGON -- Coast Starlight #14 heading North
    Photo: Klamath Falls
    Photo: Mount Shasta
    Video: Banjo/Harmonica players in the Observation Car!

Chapter 4
COLORADO: Heading East Back Home to Denver
    Info: Canyon Cliffs and Eagles
    Info & Photos: Glenwood Hot Springs
    Photos: Colorado

Chapter 5
So why do I take the train instead of a plane?

FUNNY MEMORY: Accidentally caught on a Train
    Video: Colorado National Monument, Palisade, Glenwood Springs

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