Thursday, February 22, 2007

Heart-throb Fiddler!

Heart-throb Fiddler! Alex Depue
He looks young but this guy's been playing for 25 years.
He can do ANYTHING. Classical, bluegrass, pop covers. Beautiful tone and also wicked fast chops that never stopped.

Last Saturday night we saw Alex Depue play as a duo with Michael Tiernan, a real sweetie in his own right.

Alex didn't steal the show because the musicians could read each other's mind.

This means the song and singer Michael Tiernan got the spotlight. But Alex ran in and out of that spotlight. His playfulness and sly looks to the audience at just the right moment kept us laughing.

My guy ran sound for his Swallow Hill Music Assoc. show and the reverb and sound was rich and full and everyone fell in music-love. Completely packed house-concert sized venue. 80 or more. A house concert on steroids but still an intimate feel.

Video: Alex Depue cover of a YES song some years ago


Classical music on his myspace:

Sure would be nice for me to be able to PASS for ordinary.

I don't believe anyone is ordinary.
Plenty are repressed, yes.
Ordinary, no.

Sure would be nice for me to be able to PASS for ordinary.
If you know what I mean.
Then I could get a chance at those snazzy jobs.
Make it past the interview phase, that is, and pretend to play the game.
But the people are holding out for the ordinary.
It's easier for them to keep up the act, it seems, with supporting actors.
And they see right thru me.

So...nevermind. They are defending their homeland and I don't stand a chance.

Unless I find another musician-turned-business person.
THEN, I'm good to go. Cuz we understand each other. :)