Saturday, October 22, 2011

Kataluma Chai Tea Cafe in Colorado Mills Mall

Kataluma Chai Co.

I used to work next door to Kataluma Chai Co. at the Colorado Mills Mall. I would count the hours until lunch to order their delicious bagel sandwiches.

During those hours, people would tour my store, sipping down the Kataluma Chai drinks and saying "YUM." There's only so much a gal can take!

My favorite Bagel Sandwich: double turkey on the Parmesan bagel with Pesto cream cheese and cucumber, sprouts and red bell pepper.

Oh yes, and make sure to get it TOASTED...
Could hardly wait long enough to take a photo before chowing down this sandwich! It had been a long time since the last time I'd visited. And the Orange Sencha Tea (Two Leaves and a Bud) hit the spot!

I visited again a few weeks later with a huge craving for a milkshake. Raspberry Truffle Milkshake, that is. [happy sigh]

The owner LaNell Sonner gets a huge RAVE Review for her attention to detail and love for her customers' experience. She makes putting together creative, artistic displays look easy.

When traffic gets slow, they hand out free samples and then shoppers decide to come in and order a drink. That tells you ALL you need to know.

They have free Wi-Fi and it's nice to sit and read or do some work. I always feel welcome.

Lovely Displays of Chai Mixes

Da Vinci and Monin syrups to make flavored drinks
at home too.

You'll end up getting Two Leaves and a Bud Teas for your Grummy or Mom. (You'll feel left out unless you get a box of tea for yourself too.)

The Kataluma Chai mixes are the ideal gift for anyone. For any occasion, not only Christmas gifts, and the packaging sure is pretty. Gift Certificates available too.

Bourbon Vanilla Chai - No bourbon, just a rich soothing vanilla chai, a simply delectable vanilla latte
Chocolate Comfort - creamy comforting chocolate with those wonderful chai spices
Chocolate Mint - amazing mint aroma & taste that comes alive with chocolate flavor
Cookies N Cream - think chocolate cookies with a vanilla center
Green Tea - a light green tea with chai spices
Hugs & Kisses - chocolate & white chocolate yumminess
Raspberry Blush - smooth bright raspberry flavor
Raspberries N Cream - Yep that describes it
Raspberry Truffle - think of a plate of raspberries drenched in chocolate
White Chocolate - an amazing blend of chai and white chocolate flavors
White Raspberry - that plate of raspberries only pour on the white chocolate
Traditional Spiced - the best creamy cup of wonderful you ever tasted in a chai
Decaf Spiced - that same rich creamy chai flavor only in decaf
NSA (No Sugar Added) - mmmm vanilla chai sweetened with splenda, corn syrup & honey(has about 1/4 the sugar grams as all our other chai)

You can also order them online.

Music CDs by Local Artists make the ideal gift.
You can also buy them online.

I recommend you start or end your Colorado Mills Mall shopping trip at Kataluma Chai Co. Cafe.

In fact, get all your year-round gifts there. Make life easy. Find gifts, relax with Chai, go home de-stressed.

But there are some awesome stores like Eddie Bauer Outlet and Super Target (freshly remodeled). So if you MUST shop at the mall, make sure to end up at the cafe to regather your wits!

Google Map to the Colorado Mills Mall is here.


  • Park near Sports Authority.
  • Enter at the Mall Entrance near Sports Authority.
  • Turn Left.
  • Kataluma Chai is 4 stores down, on the left side of hallway.

Kataluma Chai Co.
inside Colorado Mills Mall
14500 W. Colfax Ave. #555
Lakewood, CO 80401

Enjoy your Chai!


Jenelle said...

oh my goodness-What an adorable shop and everything sounds so scrumptious!

Christina said...

You'd love it, Jenelle, for sure. If you didn't live so far away I'd meet you there for a cuppa!

Jenelle said...

Awww- that would be awesome! :)