Sunday, November 22, 2009

Barbara Sher Forum

Denver PBS TV runs great Barbara Sher programs and totally hooked me on her attitude about life.

She runs a free online forum that has people chatting for years on creative ventures and finding their life's passions without all that goofy fluffy stuff of typical self improvement seminars.

Read the Forum.
You can also listen to her audio tips.
You can read my latest post on the forum. (It's about saving money)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Aromaleigh Mineral Makeup: Satin Petals Eyeshadow


Aromaleigh Mineral Makeup
Satin Petals Eyeshadow Collection by Aromaleigh
Color: Campanula

Hi Gals, Realized it's been 4 years since I've been wearing Campanula and haven't fallen out of love since. Wear it much of the week. I wear 2L Voile Foundation; have Green eyes and auburnish hair. I use Burts Bees Milk Lotion as a base, let it dry, and it gives it a slightly wet look to the shadow as I apply it with a eyeshadow brush. This Colorado area is a very dry climate causing dry eyelids. Matte shadows sometimes create wrinkles on my dry lids if I'm not careful but never have problems with Campanula. It lasts all day with the same sheen. It draws attention to my eyes but isn't over the top.

Shimmer is sexy but natural. Always glides on perfectly. Creates variations of the tones depending how the light hits the eyes. Eye looks naturally, softly sculpted.

None. LOVE IT!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Vegan Lip Balm: Beads & Botanicals Lip Balms


Vegan Lip Balms by the N.C. Store Beads and Botanicals
(Photo from the store) Wanted to photograph my own collection but they are all banged up from being constantly used! These lip balms are a serious obsession.

Have loved every "flavor". Let's see...Cherry Lime Margarita, Hazelnut Cappuccino, Lime Coconut, Strawberry Cream Cheese Frosting...oh no, so many with exotic names I get lost in a happy flashback trying to remember them. Every one has been a winner. Thought I wouldn't like Pineapple but instead of a harsh tart smell it was smooth and fresh!

Texture is different than the waxy lip balms, even those found at the health food store. These melt into your lips. Feels amazing and is extremely moisturizing!

They contain:
Organic Evening Primrose Oil
Organic Shea Butter
Organic Coconut Oil
Organic Jojoba Oil
Candeulla Wax

I have a lovely habit of scraping my bottom lip with my teeth when concentrating. Have been going thru stressful times. Without these lip balms I'd have nothing left of my lips!

I use a old Eco Lips lip balm holder with a metal clip (a cheap copy of mountain climbing clips). The clip keeps one easily at hand on my backpack or attached to my water bottle while bike riding in the dry Colorado winter weather.

Beads and Botanicals sells their Lampwork Beads online but the Lip Balms sell too fast to list online. Hopefully you can visit the Fayetteville, NC area.

Their Facebook fan page is best to learn about Lip Balms and their other amazing goodies the moment they are cooked up.

Note: Flavors come in seasons. Just like going to a Farmer's Market, plan for your favorites but be prepared to come home with NEW wonderful smells.


A new catalog is being printed! Stay tuned for more info.

Become a fan of the Beads and Botanicals Facebook fan page so you don't miss out!


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Upcoming Posts

An outline of blog entries to come.
(This is to help ME stay focused! Argh! So hard to do...)

Most stores listed have received an order from me every two months for the last 4-9 years. Customer Service and Quality is a serious issue for me. Because money has always been tight and a bad shopping experience would mean going without something much needed that month. Each store below has CONSISTENTLY done an amazing job. Excellence is also a personal quest. Since this culture doesn't reward good work, I'll try to make up for that. And if they were to close down I would be in serious trouble!

IHerb  Vitamins (use code RIS338 for $5 off your first purchase!)
Aromaleigh  Mineral Makeup GREAT COUPONS!
Beads & Botanicals  Beads, Soaps
Sock Dreams  Socks
DirectNic  Web Hosting
Vista Print  Printing
Sierra Trading Post   Discount Name Brands
Great Cosmic Happy Ass  Paper Greeting Cards
Greeting Card Universe   Paper Greeting Cards

Also highlighted will be specific grocery items for those dealing with special diets and recipes. Goats Milk and Spelt flour are an example of those types of products.

The reviews on this blog will go into specific products and why they save me time, money and gain me a few minutes each day to enjoy life. The hope is that you will find ways to do the same.

These are the people who have kept me company over the years.
Beads & Botanicals Facebook Fan Page
Whole Wheat Radio --Facebook Fan Page
Charlie the Coyote
Writer/Actor Wil Wheaton
Totally Unathorized
Aromaleigh Mineral Makeup Forum
Barbara Sher Forum
Miss K's Blog

Ultra picky on music. New and Old songs you probably haven't heard about.

Well then, better get writing then! Stay tuned...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Well that was a lousy two years

Yeah yeah yeah, good things happened too. But just like everyone else, having to hold 2-3 jobs and ending up covering hours on behalf of every loser burned away the good things too. And frankly made me give up. There goes feeling like I might have been unique.

So forget all dreams. I'm onto enjoying precious moments. Raves like my favorite foods, chocolate, products will begin. And music. When I can find any that doesn't roll my eyes into my head from boredom.

THE EXCELLENT STUFF. ONLY THE EXCELLENT STUFF. When I say Excellent, I mean the things that make life worth living. The stuff that makes one get off the couch when totally tired of living in a senseless world. As in "God life sucks -- do I hear the sound of a chocolate package crinkling? Whoo hooo!"

That's the sound of real living. Yum.