Friday, September 14, 2007


(I wrote this to a friend.)

Dear F,
Sorry that writing the fluff stuff didn't lead to more.

Non artists can't understand that writing something you don't feel passion for is DRUDGERY!
I can not even write a thank you card if I don't mean it! I get all weak and whiney like a 2 year old in need of a nap. hah ha.

If you can, find something you can feel passion for. I don't think the job around it matters, if it's fairly pleasant.

When I was a receptionist in the 80s I had Real Passion for real estate.
Cuz I wanted a house so badly! So I made a great real estate receptionist. But it would have bored me to do the same type of job for mutual fund companies or such.

Of course, you don't have to listen to me since the only work I can get lately is at a skin care cart in a mall! (very nice work, actually. you'd be surprised.)

I am uber passionate about skin care. I had HUGE passion for selling clothes but the pay was too low. But now I am working towards selling my own silver jewelry so learning cart selling is a good experience.

I just really wanted you to know that I totally understand if doing the NOT-WHAT-I-MEAN-BY-WRITING WRITING is dragging you down.

Each classroom and subject is different. You may still find a good situation like that with more fun and ooomph. A class YOU would want to attend.

Our band would play to some clubs and just fall flat!
Then later in a small coffee shop we would have people in the palm of our hands...




Sunday, September 2, 2007

If you need a few quiet minutes to get centered, watch this video You Hide

You Hide by Michael Tiernan

More about Michael

Michael Tiernan - played at Swallow Hill March 3rd.

I went to his show since I had chatted with Michael for a few weeks on Whole Wheat Radio many years ago.
Allen ran sound.
Michael is sweet to the core. And still very human. Seeing him play live - acoustic - was quite the special experience. His older stuff has more edge. But his newer stuff was a total hit with the crowd. Somehow I didn't get bored. It must have been the chemistry and the night.

Found out at the show that Michael had been very close to being ordained a priest!
But when we met his wife we understood the reason he did not go thru with it.
I'm not into religion but people with true spirituality are amazing to be around.
Anyway the show was full of people he knew thru the Colorado Seminary in Crestone Colorado.
And he invited everyone to an aftershow party and played there some more. After we left the crowd was still going strong.

If you ever run into Michael, you'll be happy all day the next day. Just cuz he passes along that kind of energy.
Dependable on the music business side too.