Friday, July 27, 2007


A small, stocky hawk was in our big cottonwood, a still finch caught in his talons. When I realized what it was, I gasped then clapped my hands on my mouth to hush up. Right/Left/then Right hand again quickly to cover my sound. Shhhhhh....

He gave me an entire show on the beauty of a hawk with a very big fan of dark brown/black tail feathers and wing feathers.

The finch was mercifully killed quickly and then the hawk forgot his prey and kept showing off and staring at me.

He kept jumping/flapping/hovering from branch to branch in the huge tree. Guessing it was a yearling really excited to catch things but not feeling hungry. The hawk finally left, the poor finchy bird still un-eaten, lying on the big branch. I had not wanted to move, thinking I would scare it away. Now I'm not sure if my continued presence made it leave.

A while back, when an eagle caught a snake from our front rock garden, it flew up to a lightpost and tore into it immediately. We were very visible, watching in awe!

I see hawks and eagles flying when I lie down on the back porch but this is the first time one has been so close.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Dear Pushy Seller

Dear Pushy Seller of [company that feeds off of bands],

I adore returning emails however it has only been a day since you sent your first email. A day in which I was away. I was simply trying to catch up with a deluge of daily tasks such as laundry first.

As for Violet Edge, we're rock musicians hiding in folk musician bodies. The house concert path is best for us. Without the budget of someone like Tori Amos there is no way I can enjoy playing loud music. It's a sensitive ear issue. All venues are torture for me. With house concerts my guitarist/engineer can give me pristine perfect sound on stage AND for the audience. And I love talking to each listener after the show in a low key setting.

Thanks for your interest and I am hooked up thru myspace to stay in touch this year. I can forward your info to other musician friends who actually want that kind of life.