Friday, July 27, 2007


A small, stocky hawk was in our big cottonwood, a still finch caught in his talons. When I realized what it was, I gasped then clapped my hands on my mouth to hush up. Right/Left/then Right hand again quickly to cover my sound. Shhhhhh....

He gave me an entire show on the beauty of a hawk with a very big fan of dark brown/black tail feathers and wing feathers.

The finch was mercifully killed quickly and then the hawk forgot his prey and kept showing off and staring at me.

He kept jumping/flapping/hovering from branch to branch in the huge tree. Guessing it was a yearling really excited to catch things but not feeling hungry. The hawk finally left, the poor finchy bird still un-eaten, lying on the big branch. I had not wanted to move, thinking I would scare it away. Now I'm not sure if my continued presence made it leave.

A while back, when an eagle caught a snake from our front rock garden, it flew up to a lightpost and tore into it immediately. We were very visible, watching in awe!

I see hawks and eagles flying when I lie down on the back porch but this is the first time one has been so close.

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