Sunday, November 15, 2009

Upcoming Posts

An outline of blog entries to come.
(This is to help ME stay focused! Argh! So hard to do...)

Most stores listed have received an order from me every two months for the last 4-9 years. Customer Service and Quality is a serious issue for me. Because money has always been tight and a bad shopping experience would mean going without something much needed that month. Each store below has CONSISTENTLY done an amazing job. Excellence is also a personal quest. Since this culture doesn't reward good work, I'll try to make up for that. And if they were to close down I would be in serious trouble!

IHerb  Vitamins (use code RIS338 for $5 off your first purchase!)
Aromaleigh  Mineral Makeup GREAT COUPONS!
Beads & Botanicals  Beads, Soaps
Sock Dreams  Socks
DirectNic  Web Hosting
Vista Print  Printing
Sierra Trading Post   Discount Name Brands
Great Cosmic Happy Ass  Paper Greeting Cards
Greeting Card Universe   Paper Greeting Cards

Also highlighted will be specific grocery items for those dealing with special diets and recipes. Goats Milk and Spelt flour are an example of those types of products.

The reviews on this blog will go into specific products and why they save me time, money and gain me a few minutes each day to enjoy life. The hope is that you will find ways to do the same.

These are the people who have kept me company over the years.
Beads & Botanicals Facebook Fan Page
Whole Wheat Radio --Facebook Fan Page
Charlie the Coyote
Writer/Actor Wil Wheaton
Totally Unathorized
Aromaleigh Mineral Makeup Forum
Barbara Sher Forum
Miss K's Blog

Ultra picky on music. New and Old songs you probably haven't heard about.

Well then, better get writing then! Stay tuned...

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