Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Well that was a lousy two years

Yeah yeah yeah, good things happened too. But just like everyone else, having to hold 2-3 jobs and ending up covering hours on behalf of every loser burned away the good things too. And frankly made me give up. There goes feeling like I might have been unique.

So forget all dreams. I'm onto enjoying precious moments. Raves like my favorite foods, chocolate, products will begin. And music. When I can find any that doesn't roll my eyes into my head from boredom.

THE EXCELLENT STUFF. ONLY THE EXCELLENT STUFF. When I say Excellent, I mean the things that make life worth living. The stuff that makes one get off the couch when totally tired of living in a senseless world. As in "God life sucks -- do I hear the sound of a chocolate package crinkling? Whoo hooo!"

That's the sound of real living. Yum.

1 comment:

Jenelle said...

Wonderful to have you back! Looking forward to your new posts, sounds like fun =)