Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Aromaleigh Mineral Makeup: Satin Petals Eyeshadow


Aromaleigh Mineral Makeup
Satin Petals Eyeshadow Collection by Aromaleigh
Color: Campanula

Hi Gals, Realized it's been 4 years since I've been wearing Campanula and haven't fallen out of love since. Wear it much of the week. I wear 2L Voile Foundation; have Green eyes and auburnish hair. I use Burts Bees Milk Lotion as a base, let it dry, and it gives it a slightly wet look to the shadow as I apply it with a eyeshadow brush. This Colorado area is a very dry climate causing dry eyelids. Matte shadows sometimes create wrinkles on my dry lids if I'm not careful but never have problems with Campanula. It lasts all day with the same sheen. It draws attention to my eyes but isn't over the top.

Shimmer is sexy but natural. Always glides on perfectly. Creates variations of the tones depending how the light hits the eyes. Eye looks naturally, softly sculpted.

None. LOVE IT!

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