Monday, October 24, 2011

One Girl Trucking Blog

Everything about the One Girl Trucking blog is amazing. I've been reading it for a couple years now.

The latest video will catch your interest, but there is so much more to this trucker!

Bethany writes:
I love this drive between Littlefield AZ and St George UT. If you ever get the chance take a ride! Someday I would love to go explore this area. So much beauty to look at if you just slow down!

I keep coming back to this video of her ducks. It's so peaceful...



Jenelle said...

REALLY cool! :)

Christina said...

Yeay! Glad you saw this post.

One Girl Trucking is the one who posted about saving Milo the Cat, if you recall.

(Her Dad at first said they didn't need another damn cat!)

Milo the Cat

Jenelle said...

Thanks for the reminder (connecting the dots hehe)- I just LOVE those kitten pics =^.^=

Christina said...

Bethany from One Girl Trucking just did another GREAT photo update on Milo the Cat. Awwwwwww!