Saturday, October 8, 2011

Rasputina Covering Heart's Barracuda

I'm rediscovering all the CDs I misplaced while working 3 jobs.
Or more accurately, I wasn't around to HIDE THEM after exclaiming:
"do NOT take these CDs out of the house! I spent forever finding them at CDBABY!"


I will soothe my ruffled feathers by listening to Rasputina.

Rasputina – Barracuda (Live Cover) from the Radical Recital CD. LOVE THE ENTIRE CD!

Buy CD or Download MP3s at CDBABY.

Rasputina -- Radical Recital

The entire CD contains just the perfect amount of decadence.
Especially when one is in a mood.

Click on the Preview All Songs arrow at the bottom of the CDBABY song list to hear samples of all live recorded songs.

WOW! Just noticed there are currently 40 pages of reviews from fans after the song listing!

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