Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Amtrak California Zephyr Colorado Heading East Back Home to Denver

Chapter 4: Amtrak Train Series

Heading back from California to Colorado

Sacramento Station, California

    Amtrak California Zephyr #6 heading East
    Segment: Colorado Rockies
    My trip: Jan 4-5, 2012


After the train picked up passengers in Grand Junction, Colorado, I met a father and teen son who live there, heading to Denver on their yearly Amtrak ride.

After 15+ trips, they knew where to look for Bald Eagles in canyons east of Glenwood Canyon. They pointed out seven, eight or more in the next hour. Not that far away, in easy view, but I would have missed every one of them. I would have kept watching on the Glenwood Springs left side of the train, instead of the right side.

On the right side of the observation car you saw huge cliffs hanging above the top windows. For a long time we had to lean far back in the seats to see them. But the car filled up fast and saving those seats for later was well worth it.

The eagles were truly majestic. Many in trees, each keeping a solo watch, preferring tall dead trees. The largest eagle flew in heavy slow motion because of his amazing size and wingspan. We were also near the front of the observation car. It gave us time to see the eagles pass all the huge windows before the train sped by.

Glenwood Springs, Colorado: Hot Sulphur Springs

Glenwood Hot Springs

There is a HOT-HOT small therapy pool and a nicely-hot large swimming pool. Both are outdoors and make it so refreshing to be in the water on a cold day.

Such wonderful memories of spending entire days in these pools as a kid. Our Dad would have to call out to us hours in advance before leaving, while we pretended we couldn't hear him ...

Still, I'd forgotten all about traveling to that awesome place until a Denver friend Kathy told me about taking the train from Denver to Glenwood to stay at the Glenwood Hot Springs. What a fantastic idea for a short get-away. I must find a way to make that a tradition.

Western Colorado

Colorado Rockies

It's January! Where is all the SNOW?!

Less snow seen in mountains than when I left Colorado mid December.
In a small town after Winter Park, Colorado we passed by a large group of sweet kids dancing with hula hoops. One of them was holding up a sign toward the train which read "Snow Dance." Hey, whatever works!

Heading Home again, overlooking Denver
metro area

So why do I take the train instead of a plane?


Press Play! Have you seen my TRAIN VIDEO?
Such wonderful scenery!

Music: Melissa's Waiting by Violet Edge

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