Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Amtrak Coast Starlight Oregon Heading North

Chapter 3: Amtrak Train Series


    Coast Starlight #14 heading North
    Segment: Oregon Cascade Mountains
    (starting in Sacramento, California to Eugene, Oregon)
    My trip: Dec 16, 2011

Banjo & Harmonica players

If you know these musicians' names, please leave a comment. I didn't ask and break the spell of the moment. When musicians become self-conscious, the magic drifts away.

I've seen other wonderful music moments in the observation cars. Best one was 5 years ago on the California Zephyr, 3 men broke into a capella song with 3 part harmony. They were all strangers from different states. I'm a singer but was entranced enough to stay quiet and simply listen.

Klamath Falls, Oregon

The Conducter on this segment was very funny. He had a captive audience, of course, but his dry, perfectly timed remarks had us all heartily chuckling. Let's just say you do not want to get caught smoking on THIS train, especially.

Mount Shasta, Oregon

The return trip from Eugene, Oregon back to Sacramento, California is scheduled mostly in the dark during winter. But I still enjoyed the peaceful time and watched the sun rise the next very early morning from the Observation Car.

Colorado Heading East Back Home to Denver


Press Play! Have you seen my TRAIN VIDEO?
Such wonderful scenery!

Music: Melissa's Waiting by Violet Edge

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