Tuesday, January 10, 2012

So why do I take the train instead of a plane?

Chapter 5: Amtrak Train Series

So why the train instead of a plane? A commercial plane means rush-rush-rush through the airport, with experienced travelers furiously impatient at my confusion and relative slowness. The light of the sky is migraine bright through airplane windows. Can't stand not being able to move around very far. Most of all, the harsh edged sound of the jet itself simply kills me. It pierces past earplugs into the back of my neck.

For me, the train rocks the body with calming low sound frequencies; the rumbly fast Chuh-Chuh-Chuh-Chuh while building up speed. For weeks after a trip I'll hear a distant train whistle in my city and find myself already smiling. Maybe it takes a music lover to feel the differences in sound pressure but I'm surely not alone in this reaction.

There is nothing like the experience of falling hard asleep after chasing the sunset west, then waking up far ahead of the next sunrise.

And the best place of all is the Observation Car. I spend every possible waking hour there. I leave books at home to leave room for creative ideas that only occur during travel.

If you ever get the chance, experience for yourself these segments of the Amtrak line. I'm writing this to convince friends to try it at least once. [BIG hint to Jenelle from Beads and Botanicals in the Pacific NorthWest! -- since she's already there!]

Please don't assume anything this wonderful will always be around. Train lines are endangered as well as the beauty of our country.

Feeling very fortunate my family lives near such beautiful train routes. Can't wait to take another trip again.

I recommend the scenery on these trains:
    California Zephyr #5 & #6
        Segments: Western Colorado, California Sierra Nevadas
    Coast Starlight #14
        Segment: Oregon Cascade Mountains
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Press Play! Have you seen my TRAIN VIDEO?
Such wonderful scenery!

Music: Melissa's Waiting by Violet Edge
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