Saturday, January 30, 2010

FiberOne Yogurt really does taste yummy!

Fiber One Yogurt
Very Tasty.  I make my own yogurt and am very picky about this stuff.  I wouldn't call the Fiber One brand healthy or yogurt. but it was a surprisingly delicious SNACK.

A big radio promotion was going on in a mall and a free Key Lime Fiber One yogurt was handed to me.
I expected to take a taste and roll my eyes with the taste of disgusting over-sweetness.
Instead, the yogurt tasted smooth and creamy with a rich key lime pie-filling taste. I scraped out every corner of the container & wanted to go back for another free one!

I only shop for totally organic foods so won't be buying it.
Some of the ingredients are quite good, such as chicory root and real fruit and not high in carbs.  But I don't agree with the rest of the additives.

As for fiber, only one container wasn't enough to tell a difference. I take a health food fiber supplement anyway.
It is VERY true that there is no way to taste any fiber in the yogurt. I could see it helping someone make healthier snack choices.

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