Monday, September 19, 2011

The old Recording Studio

I'd never been more excited in my life when my husband built this recording studio many years ago.

He was into gear. I was into recording without time limits.

Even if there had been no stress about the cost of commercial Recording Studios, just driving there, setting up and the typical band B.S. always got me too tired to give my best singing takes.

THIS home studio let me sing when I felt powerful. No curfew. No tearing down the mixer levels when we had it JUST RIGHT but -- oh, too bad -- the outside studio was booked to another band the next day.

There was a huge problem. We thought it would take a year at most. 8 years later I was still living in a 720 sq ft house with this monster studio taking up the main living space and part of the dining room.

It had already affected my sanity.

Lack of funds made the recording process take a long time. Prices skyrocketed. Layoffs happened again and again. No longer was Denver a place of working part time, living simply and playing shows like we used to do. Instead, my gig was cycling in heat or snow to reach 2 crap-pay part-time jobs. No energy left to care about anything. The studio gathered dust.

And with people telling us they love our music, but most preferring to download free files instead of paying, all my motivation went straight out the window.

Therefore, the next post shows the awesome day I shoved all the studio structures...straight out the window!

Not to worry. I feel really FREE. Free of caring if drummer #4 quits or a bass player is frittering away hours changing strings.

Husband has plenty of gear IN ANOTHER LOCATION for his live sound engineering biz. All is well. At least, now that I've got some space!

I still want to release all the songs for sound track and music library use. There are 8 left to master.

But until then I am having fun decorating by reusing stuff from our shed.




Jenelle said...

awesome. all of it. :) The gear, the gear gone... as long as YOU are happy, that is what counts. Good job.

Christina said...

Thanks, Jenelle. While it was sad to have to make that choice, I got over it real fast when I could finally walk freely without tripping. Yes! Happy!