Monday, September 19, 2011

Re-purposed Futon Frame:
Ear-Friendly Pot Hanger

Best Kitchen Improvement for this Short-Attention-Span-Challenged Cook!

The Nate Show had a segment about shopping in your own garage.
Wow, did that inspire me. Because I had a budget of ZERO!

I was able to make many awesome items with an old pine futon frame that was stuck in our shed.

Best improvement I've ever done -- my ears can not take the crashing clanging of pots and pans. Yet that's what I did for 20 years here. argh!

Having a totally visual memory, the moment I turn my head, I forget what I was just doing! Therefore, clanging around with my head in a dusty oven drawer to find a matching lid is just too much.

But with this simple setup, now I just listen to "angels singing" as I grab the pan I need, pick up a lid, and make something yummy.

The open shelves started because of the cramped kitchen situation. But I've realized cabinet doors simply keep me confused what is behind them. The way my eyes work, I'll always have to keep the most commonly used pans, lids and bowls within view AND a quick hand-grab away.

And since the place looks less artistic when a pan is dirty and missing from the wall, "Ms Hates to Clean but Loves Being Artistic" quickly cleans the pretty silver aluminum and hangs it up.

There IS one big spaghetti pot left in the oven drawer, but now nothing is jammed around it. So when that pot is needed, I simply lift it UP! whoo hooo! small victories are huge indeed!

1) Pine board (from Futon Frame, already stained)
2) 3 long brass screws (left over from building porch)
3) Toggle bolts and screws to install on wall

(I was in a blurred crazed state when I installed on the wall. Don't ask how I did it. Something about holes in the back of pine board matching up with screws coming out of the wall. It's solidly attached to the wall SOMEHOW from those temporary powers of insanity!)



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