Monday, December 14, 2009

Franklin Property Lighting, Inc.

This will be the first time I've recommended a company without having officially used their services.
But when the OWNER of a company is so kind to a total stranger, it's a good bet that his business is top notch.

I had spent two hours taping up some vinyl letters just right above a store front. Boss instructed me to do it.
Of course, this was something never before attempted by me.

It was quite a project since the letters were 72 inches across and the sign required a tall ladder to reach it.
Removing the backing was the next step but I knew I'd mess it up. Once they stuck to the sign, the letters were not removable. What to do!?

Wayne,  the owner of Franklin Property Lighting, walked by on his way to another project.
He saw me taping up the vinyl. He could have easily kept walking.

He stopped to give me advice.

Do you know what you're doing? he asked.
Never, I said, truthfully.

He gave great advice of a bunch of stuff the instructions didn't mention.

I looked a bit overwhelmed at the steps.  (Being chided by security guards for doing this during  business hours didn't help my patience either.)

Then he said, hey I do this for a living, I can do the last steps for you.

Oh man what a godsend!

He was totally right with his advice. The letters needed all the tricks of the trade so they would fall down perfectly in place.  And he had a good sense of humor. Because of course the minute anyone gets on a ladder there is an audience of customers.

And now the Black Vinyl Letters look Mah-velous!

Most of all, it was the kindest thing ever for someone to do.  Something that seems no big deal for someone else is a huge deal when my living is depending on good signs and making things look nice on a strict budget.

I sent Wayne a coffee gift card as a thank you since he refused any payment or even a free coffee from next door.  But I insisted on his business card to write a blog entry about his company.  It was really just an excuse to get the company address to send the gift card, but hey, I'd better write the blog entry since I had mentioned it!    And with so many lousy companies out there, it's great to be able to send people his way.

Franklin Property Lighting, Inc
Signage, Neon Lights, Light Poles, Repair and Service



From their Website:
"Franklin Property Lighting Inc. is one of the Colorado front range's premier experts in sign installation, repair and replacement. We have done work for RTD and many major corporations such as Brakes Plus, Napa and Mattress King. Let our knowledge and experience work for you."

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