Monday, December 7, 2009

Meyenberg Goat Milk

I just wrote this at as a review.

Thank you for carrying Meyenberg Goat Milk at a great price. I can't digest cow milk. I make a kefir-thin type yogurt with it. Takes 24 hours but is easier to mix up since it's already sterilized. Worth the wait. With Elderberry juice added to the yogurt it's my favorite treat and keeps my blood sugar steady throughout the day. I bring it to work for my lunch. In a pinch, the milk alone brings me up from a low blood sugar crash so I can cook something up.

I was surprised when my male cat loved it. He would never touch cow milk. He now begs for the goat milk as I mix it up. If I'm making yogurt and stirring the container he tries to put his paw in it! The milk stimulates his appetite then he eats the rest of his food. He has lymphoma and is doing well as long as he eats but he loses his appetite unless we keep trying foods he loves. So I'm grateful for his health too.

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