Friday, December 4, 2009

Lampwork Bead Tutorials by Radiant Mind

If you've been smitten by the Lampwork glass bead bug, you will lose your mind at this next review.

Whether a fan of beads, a serious bead buyer, or a designer, you must check out at least one of these PDF tutorials.  Created by the talented torch wielding artists at Radiant Mind's Etsy store.  They are very affordable-- most are only $5 with fast email delivery. So you can get your beauty fix and learn a lot at the same time.

When a bead looks this delicious I truly have to resist the urge to chomp down on them with my teeth.  That's why it's wise to satisfy your sweet bead tooth with these e-Books.

I have one of their Desert Moon beads like the one shown below.  You will have much trouble stopping gazing at these miniature works of art!

There are currently 3 pages worth of tutorials to salivate over at Radiant Mind's Etsy store.

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