Sunday, January 21, 2007

Who wants to be a Rock Star?

If a counselor came to your school's Career Day and asked "HEY, who wants to be a Rock Star?", nearly every kid would wave their hand yelling, "YEAH! ME!"

But let's say the counselor asked: "Who wants to travel around in unsafe vans, stay in grungy motels to sell beer in creepy dive bars. Try to use the bathrooms without touching anything. And SOMETIMES YOU EVEN GET TO SLEEP IN THAT VAN! And - And - AND you get to come home in soul-crushing debt! Whoo hoo! "

How many kids would jump up and raise their hands?

Same damn thing, people.

I love MUSIC. After all that hassle, music is the last thing that gets created. Sound always sucks anyway so it's not like anyone can hear it. No point in killing myself with exhaustion. It kills the Muse quickly. Ever wonder why your favorite band's CDs start to suck after that first killer release?

Luckily I was naturally distrusting of everyone and didn't bother to ask for anything like a record contract. But the LIE still pisses me off. I greatly appreciate the musicians who tell their true stories, now that the internet lets us communicate. Otherwise convincing band mates not to "pay to play" would have been impossible.

That distrust also helped me during the Dot.Com era:
"You want me to work for less money as a web developer to receive the promise of stock options? "

"Puh... Ha ha ha ha ha. Good one. "

One guy was very impressed I was adamant about not tying myself down. He said he was glad I wasn't giving up the dream. They asked many times one year yet not even a hint of stock option greed hit my gut.

Truth was, I didn't trust either business.

Still don't.

For good reason, it turned out.

And the music is still beautiful.

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