Monday, November 13, 2006

On Quality...

Most web design clients come my way after bad experiences with other designers. They arrive with ugly web sites, broken pages-and-promises. And lots of time wasted.

I wish I could reach them first.
There is enough hardship in the world without wasting time just trying to get a simple web site created.

Except that web sites are never simple. They only look that way.

Quality work will always be a time saver.

My failing seems to be with Clients that come my way without web experience.
How to explain the pitfalls of shoddy work?
How to describe the endless work that will greet them if they use the many cheaper methods?
The tools must work seamlessly or nothing gets done.

Even very intelligent people have decided to stay with a lowest dollar amount provider. Even after one admitted his loved one wanted dearly to release her photos online but couldn't get that part figured out with the poorly-made system. And I couldn't find the right way to help them see further than the dollar amount.

But I'll keep trying.

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